I'm again working on this project and soon it will be much better.
If you don't know how to use brainsession.me check out the following 4 video tutorials, have a look at the tutorial page, or write me an email.

Brainsession functionality (chat, add links, comment, rate, search, navigate,...)

Install the brainsession.me Chrome Extension:

Create Brainsession:

Add Links to Brainsession:

The brainsession.me experiment is about to start in a few days :)
From now on there are two possibilities to add links to a Brainsession:
Possibility 1:
Add links via the the "+Link" button on brainsession.me
Note: Login and participating Brainsession required! Have a look at the corresponding "Add Link" tutorial for more information
Possibility 2:
If you are using the Google Chrome browser, you can try the brainsession.me Chrome Extension